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new animation and some updates :D

1/28/13 by guitan11
Updated 1/28/13

so i started this new animation about 2 weeks ago and i could have honestly gotten it done sooner if it werent for real life preventing me. school, work, you know; outside things. and well, it was an experiment. my first time animating people and if you wanna check it out just click on This link here please do tell me how i can improve, it was not my best work but i really did it for the feedback.

some other cool things is this new beauty named "Swivel"! i was like "free? sure i'll try it" but that things is the best converter i have seen! makes your blood focus, if you catch mah drift. you should definetly get it and use it for your own projects. thanks newgrounds :D

lastly, SCF7 is almost out of the development stage. storyboard is almost done and i can guarantee that this one will be better than ALL of the previous episodes.

new animation and some updates :D


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ryans revenge it isnt funny and I think that you are better drawing on hand


Hehehehehehehehe. Nice one guitan still watchin your scf to past the time.

ryans revenge its crap and wath about mix armless and scf

2/4/13 guitan11 responds:

crap? you are just jealous that you dont have poop in your pants

So wait. This new animation of yours is a comedy also? If yes then i'll watch it if no................ im still watchin it. :D

2/4/13 guitan11 responds:

yeah its a comedy

YES!!! SCF7 is almost out! I cant wait for it even your new animation. Dang your busyness!
Pls hurry it up dude. <:D

2/1/13 guitan11 responds:

well, it might take me a wile, but i guarantee that the wait will be worth it :D
thanks for watching and commenting you crazy faggot :P