some really cool updates :3

2012-11-18 03:42:39 by guitan11

so a couple of updates on the SCF series. the first one is the process of the Christmas Special, the story is for the most part written out, now is all about animating it. some really cool visuals and holiday cheer :D hopefully i figure out how to make this thing look good without overloading my PC.

the second thing is the coolest thing, i would like to welcome to the team Matthew Pablo, also know as "deadlyfishes" here on newgrounds. he is the super talented music composer who will be busting out the sweet harmonics for them holes on the sides of your head :D check out his stuff by clicking right HURR! the christmas special will be the first one to have his audio integrated :D

here is another sneak peek at what is to come :3

some really cool updates :3


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2012-11-18 07:57:31

Another christmas day gone wrong I guess xD

guitan11 responds:

lets hope not, i want that present!


2012-11-20 00:46:48

MY B-day on chrismas

guitan11 responds:

haha you get the 1=2 curse :P one gift is for your birthday AND Christmas XD