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THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! The animation is so smooth and so on point! really something that only animation can pull off! the humor was great, the story was simple but effective and of course, it was FREAKING WEIRD!! I loved it!

this is the coolest fan art i've ever gotten :'D thank you so much dude!

LeoGautama responds:

You're very welcome :D thanks for the awesome series as well!
- Verdusk, aka Vacuumancer

That 3D effect really drove the animation home. it made it much more dynamic and interesting to watch :D

oxob3000 responds:

Thanx I worked hard on it @_@

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the same thing as "Purplex" happened to me. the screen went red and showed a message about "alternate_5957.zip/assets/sounds/qbqbqb~a.ogg" it was great wile it lasted though

this is really good. i'm a sucker for anything "portal" (i even named my computer "GlaDOS) but there are quite a few glitches scattered around the game. there was one during the chamber were you were introduced to the yellow portal where my portal would spawn mid air attached to nothing and then if i tried to move the portal it actually got closer to me making an infinite loop mid air......... and during the light bridge, my character was bouncing on the bridge as i walked. just fix the glitches and this game will be BEAST!

awesome game! funny and well made. but it froze on me on the second level

EldritchAbomination responds:

What were you doing when it froze?

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this sounds amazing dude! you are really good at your craft ;)

deadlyfishes responds:

I am glad to be working with you! Thanks for your comment! Looking forward to more animations from you as well!

really good track. exactly what i needed :3

this is perfect. this kind of feel to a song is what i was looking for in my animation!, you get credit and everything ;)
really enjoy this piece :D

FEAST responds:


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i remember when he pulled out the pencil and made the wiggle illusion with it XD good times, good times :3

Want a tip?

Here is the tip. Look at your body. I have said this many times to other people, but it's something that is very simple and works. Use your own body as a guide to how it shoul look.
Now for a critique of he actual drawing:

The guys body is wrong in many ways. The left arm, if you stretch it it goes even below the knees. The right arm is.... Like, coming out of his chest. And the 51 should be more in his back. If he is facing sideways then only the 5 should be visible.
On the girl, the knees are non existent. The skirt doesnt show me the figure of her right leg, and her whole body is to rigid. If she is pulling on something, then make it look like she is really pulling on that Teddy.

Practice practice practice. And try to use your body as a guide like I said before ;)

im here to share some cool movies! make you lolz for a bit ;)

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