SCF7 has began production process

2013-02-10 03:36:59 by guitan11

with the storyboard, planing and even updates in software done; im ready to start animating. im really exited for this one and i hope that it is to your liking. i cant say when it will be finished because of school and work, so bear with me :3 and lastly be sure to like me on Facebook to get more updates and what not.

like always i leave you with an image of what is to come on the next episode. something crazy happens >:D

SCF7 has began production process


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2013-02-10 04:28:52

Wait what?! Your saying you started animating scf7 now?! NNNOOO!!! Now i have to wait..... (Jumps out the window to suicide but failed)

guitan11 responds:

Noooooooo! But I loved you!!.... Ah, you're ok.... Never mind :3


2013-02-10 05:34:24

YOU JUST STARTED!? FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- *Smashes my face against keyboard like crazy, without effect, just bleeds.* Ow... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! *Jumps out of window [4th floor :O], still alive.*

guitan11 responds:

You actually got further than "thecrazyfaggot" next to you *pa tum tzzz*


2013-02-10 10:25:02

By this snapshot, it would seem that Black has finally reached his potential. But still guessing that he still can't fight.

And to the impatient people: At least he's animating it now. It should probably take a couple of months at most.

guitan11 responds:

i will not agree or deny anything :P


2013-02-10 14:23:02

That seems that black transforms into a real life character instead of just a stickman.
Anyway I don't care about you impatient people commiting suicide. I'm a SCF fan forever!
*He gets a sign with a picture of Guitan11 with an animating pen in front of the 4 main SCF characters. 2 by his left and 2 by his right side and stands at the premiere showing waiting for it.*

guitan11 responds:

wooooo!!! wait, what?


2013-02-10 17:21:09

Lol the person named Dawcio510 is copying ma suicide act and its not very cool but i still dont care. Im watching other videos just to wait. :l

guitan11 responds:

imitation is a for of flattery, and as far as other videos go; try "paperman"


2013-02-10 17:21:12

Lol the person named Dawcio510 is copying ma suicide act and its not very cool but i still dont care. Im watching other videos just to wait. :l


2013-02-10 18:24:34

School and work, you say, are things that get in your way? You're lucky, I can't force myself to work even when I have crapload of time and absolutely nothing else to do but sit at home.

guitan11 responds:

its not that im lucky, actually, the fact that i have all those things going on makes me want to animate more. like an escape form the routine.


2013-02-11 02:12:14

Paperman? Whats that?

guitan11 responds:

It's an animation short. It blew my mind.


2013-02-12 00:51:53

So will there be another appearance of Azurro and Orange in this one? :3

guitan11 responds:

not on SCF7, but im pretty sure that on the next one they will be ;D


2013-02-13 02:23:04

Where can you find paperman anyway i cant find it here on newgrounds.

guitan11 responds:

oh my fault its on youtube. its a disney studio animation. they mixed 3D animation with 2D! :D


2013-02-19 01:03:14

Cant wait ^_^!

guitan11 responds:

i hope you enjoy it when it comes out


2013-02-19 12:13:28

nice, looks like he finally transforms. i hope he is lucky enough to get all three abilities so he becomes the chosen one but he can not control his new powers so he still can not fight.

(Updated ) guitan11 responds:

interesting idea.....


2013-03-03 01:57:21

Hey dude i'm back! So how many percent are they in the movie?

guitan11 responds:

how much done? about 13 % i'll post an update later in the week so you guys can see why only 13 % ;)