Looking For a Voice Actress

2013-03-15 01:56:38 by guitan11

i need a voice actress that can do a"strong mature woman" voice. i have samples of the previous voice actress, but you dont have to match the voice exactly as it was. its for my series "Stickman Can't Fight" here on newgrounds and youtube. it has a decent following, it has won a spot on the daily top 5 every episode and im looking for a girl that can help me keep the streak going :D
if you are interested send me a PM or an e-mail at Guitan_11@hotmail.com
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! as long as you can act and your audio quality is good, you could be the one! :D

also, if you know someone that might be up for it, send them my way :D


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2013-03-16 11:40:02

Lol. Capitalize first letters in every sentence. And - "NECESSARY".
Hope you find someone good.