whats next? i will tell you :D

2013-05-06 12:11:16 by guitan11

so the new episode of SCF7 is out and was well received by people like you, so thanks! im still waiting in hope it gets to the front page.... but i guess that spongebob animation deserves it more >.>

if you havent seen the lates episode of the "Stickman Can't Fight" series, just click on this link HERE and enjoy. but whats next? "when is the next episode coming out!?" to be honest i have no idea, im hoping i get something done this summer, but honestly at the moment i have no idea when i will be done with the next episode.
i DO KNOW however that a nice little animation will be uploaded by the end of May. it seems that "Black" was challenged to an RHG battle. He didn't want to, but Rood persuaded him...... ANYWHO, hope you guys enjoy it and again thanks for the support and also thanks to by best friends that i have never seen in person "Adoxographist" and "deadlyfishes" for contributing to this episode and future ones :D

also! i post way more updates on what is going on on my facebook page, so go ahead and click that like button ;D its free!


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2013-05-06 21:31:10

i hope can get a lot done this summer to i look forward for the next episode


2013-05-07 16:48:36

I will post you most nonsense comment what will ever be here;
"but i guess that spongebob animation deserves it more >.>"
Spongebob; Fuck off Gary!
Anyways I think that you will get the frontpage sooner or later, why not? :l