SCF7 was good RGH battle was good. now lets make SCF8 AWESOME!

2013-06-29 03:06:35 by guitan11

the release of SCF7 was good. i got positive feedback for the most part. in case you havent seen it just clicky-click right here in this link Stickman Can't Fight 7

I also uploaded my first RHG battle, a battle that i totally won ;D you can go see it right here in this link: RGH Battle

and now producction has started on "Stickam Can't Fight 8" i will be working on making up for mistakes in past entries and enhansing on what i already know. with more action, more laughs and more of Rosa getting angry ;)

this new episode will be different from the rest in the sense that im changing the structure a bit. hopefully making things flow more naturally. i have a livestream channel where you can check to watch me make this cartoon in real time :D (crazy technology) and also my Facebook page where most updates are posted.

MY livestream channel: Livestream
My Facebook page: Facebook page

lastly, here is a picture of black in this new episode. exited? i am :D

SCF7 was good RGH battle was good. now lets make SCF8 AWESOME!


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2013-06-29 08:46:50

The eyes are so big and shiny.
And this perspective is so difficult to draw properly.


2013-06-29 17:46:57

LMAO, never going to forget this face!


2013-07-20 01:35:14

Yes! Back in action... again. :P