I made a Flash tutorial! hopefully it helps someone

2013-07-31 01:50:52 by guitan11

Hello everyone. im here with and update on what has been going on with me lately. so school, work and personal life has been awesome in slowing down production on "SCF8" but thats not nesesarily a bad thing. at least for me, personally. i've been streaming the progress and have been making short but steady advances.

now, the big one: I MADE A TUTORIAL

Its a flash tutorial as to how i make a fight combo. i got asked a couple of times to make one and said "why not" hopefully you all enjoy it, and who knows, maybe someone might find it really helpful.

here is the video for all of you Newgrounders :D


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2013-07-31 09:22:12

Damn, now everyone is doing Flash tutorials, while I rot on BBS...

guitan11 responds:

what is BBS?


2013-07-31 20:08:36

I won't say I really learned anything new... but it was very well put together and I'm sure a lot of beginning animators will benefit from the video. Good job, dude.

guitan11 responds:

yeah, its no "learn professional animating" tutorial, but it does the job :P
thanks for watching it and reviewing :3