updates on SCF8 and a little extra :D

2013-09-24 00:13:21 by guitan11

so its been a wile since I've updated you guys on what is going on with the next episode in the "Stickman Can't Fight" series. well i would like you to know that I'm not dead, the series is not dead. no one i know has died. and although it is not official, the deadline is coming up. stay tuned for the episode trailer coming up hopefully this next week.

also, i wanted to just look back on to episode 3 and the first appearance of Rosa. since her debut back in 2011 she became a key character in the series. 2 years later she has almost reached that look that i envisioned for her since i made her up. finally my skills at drawing girls caught up to what i had planned :P see kids? practice makes hotter stickfigure females XD

updates on SCF8 and a little extra :D


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2013-09-24 08:36:55

The hands... whoah.


2013-09-24 11:17:44

Practice makes bigger breasts. LMAO!

guitan11 responds:

she has "matured" :P


2013-09-24 12:04:47

Looking good!

guitan11 responds:

isn't she? ;)


2013-09-24 12:30:03

Dem hips.

guitan11 responds:

her hips dont lie


2013-09-26 18:11:15

The difference between them is astounding. It's really difficult to tell the difference between male and female stick men sometimes, seems though you found a way to get around that problem. *nudge nudge, wink wink*

guitan11 responds:

after months and months of thinking and research, i found the answer to th- BOOBS

Boobs are the answer to most of life's problems


2013-10-03 10:30:59

Dose eyes
By any chance when you have free time could you do some tutorials?

guitan11 responds:

I've done a tutorial fight animation. i haven't done one on "close-up" drawing. (thats what i call it when the stickfigures look much more detailed)

the video is on youtube!