Christmas is coming :O

2013-11-12 15:27:44 by guitan11

so after finishing SCF 8 i have now turned my attention to Christmas. its my favorite holiday and a cartoon is in order to celebrate the occasion. this cartoon however, will NOT be a SCF related cartoon. its my first real attempt at full body animation. so get ready for it. it should be out by the first week of december :3

in other news, if you havent seen SCF8 you should definetely check that out! Here it is for newgrounds


Here it is for youtube

Christmas is coming :O


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2013-11-12 16:01:20

I can only hope that it'll be good


2013-11-12 16:55:54

Skipped the turkey and went straight for the Reindeer I see


2013-11-13 11:04:30