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guitan11's News

Posted by guitan11 - May 26th, 2012

im on summer vacation and have some spare time. even thought im currently looking for a job, i still use my free time to animate some stuff. currently i have two major projects and one not so big. the first one is the one that i care about the most: "Stickman Can't Fight 6" really working on making it better than all the previous ones.

the next one is my NATA storyboard. i was planning on participating. but i just had no time to pull it off. so it stayed as a nice storyboard. now im animating it, because i really liked it and also shows another side of me personally as an animator :3

and the last thing is a mini flash wars that i have with a friend of mine. we set a theme or a challenge and we both animate to our own ability to see who is better :P

here is a nice pic of the two main projects to have an idea of whats to come ;)

so im kinda working on these :D

Posted by guitan11 - May 9th, 2012

"SCF5" was a hit! i cant believe the response it has gotten and i also cant believe that it has actually won daily first AND weekly fifth. it just blows my mind! so i want to say thanks to the people that have followed this series since the beginning, and also thank you to the people who just have gotten on board with the way of the stick :D

its gonna be tough to top this one, but i'll keep giving it my best and i'll keep making the best-coolest-funniest animation i can make :D

ALSO! check out the previous ones!


Posted by guitan11 - May 4th, 2012

after a long time and after many troubles i finally manages to finish this thing. i grew a lot in the making of this flash, and i hope it lives up to expectations :D here is the link to it Clikitty click here :Dand also dont forget to check out the previous ones ;D

I would like to introduce you to "ichigoxcupcakes" who will be the voice of Rosa for what I hope is as long as the series is alive :D and I would also like to ask for help from anyone who can help me with my menu. I can't seem to make the buttons link to were I want to. If you can help, then please send me a PM.

Anyways, ENJOY!! :D

Posted by guitan11 - March 26th, 2012

hey guys. well i basically just wanted to take that huge post off from my user page. so here is a smaller one that is quick to read.
it seems i got a voice actress. who it is i still dont know, but the deadline for the voiceclips is on april 1st. im really exited to see what these girls came up with.

besides that im working on the second training session. so im halfway done in a way :P

i wont leave a picture on this post, but i WILL leave a link to an art submission i made a couple of days ago. if you want to check that out then click over hurr :D

Posted by guitan11 - March 7th, 2012

well hello guys! Guitan here to tell you a couple of things, let you know how im doing, yatta yatta yatta.....

today i turn 21 and NO, im not getting drunk ("aww" in the background) and im really happy to be able to be able to be doing what im doing. im thankful to God for everything he has given me throughout these years. and i hope the next ones are even better! :D


development has been SLOW. i have only just about finished the first training session (those of you familiar with the formula know that i have like 2-3 sessions per animation) and they are not even fully complete. i usually do the main character's movements and objects and leave the backgrounds last. so all i have right now has a white background.
then again, this animation is long, and i mean LONG. i can say without a doubt that this animation is the best one i have done in my life. but how long, you may ask? "Stickman Can't Fight 4" was 17 pages of storyboard. this one has 24!

on another note, I STILL NEED A FEMALE VOICE ACTRESS! i have posted on the colab forums section and have also made a post here on my user page, and even in my facebook page! but just can't seem to get any girl to try out for the part :"( its not like if i dont have her right now i cant advance in the animation, but i guess it motivates me to keep on going. knowing that its not just me working on this anymore.

so i leave you guys here with a frame shot of Black "fighting" against a "genetic gray" whats a genetic gray? well, you just have to wach the animation to find out ;D

oh! and i got a puppy named chelsey :P

today is my birth day! and also an update on "SCF 5"

Posted by guitan11 - January 30th, 2012

the "Stickman Cant Fight 5" project has started and i think is time i give some voice to the characters. im looking for a female voice for "Rosa" the only requirements is that you can make a Spaniard-English accent (or at least imitate the sound of how some words in Spanish are said) and that you will be willing to keep doing her voice for more episodes.

if you are interested, send me a message so i can give you the couple lines that i need :D

hope to hear from some of you and lets make this an awesome animation! :D

hey guys, i need some female voice talent ;D

Posted by guitan11 - January 14th, 2012

i am extatic at the awesome respones i got from Stickman Can't Fight 4 im glad that you all enjoyed it and i was really surprise that i got the front page for two days :D

but now, on to the next one! i have started storyboarding the next episode, and it looks like there is more fighting in this one.... well, you know what i mean when i say "fighting". but hope it pleases you guys and i have read every review and taken in the critiques that i got. a thousand twenty-four thanks :D

and here is a sketch i made or "Rosa", who you guys seemed to like a lot. i will upload a colored version later ;D

finished one. now on to the next!

Posted by guitan11 - December 30th, 2011

hey guys i managed to finish this video before the year ended, so yay for me :P
if you guys havent seen it you can watch it if you click here

let me know what you guys think about it. and if you have no idea what this series is about, then click on this one

hope you guys like the series and i hope i get some feedback on how to improve :D

Posted by guitan11 - December 9th, 2011

i've gotten back into making this project. i really haven't done much to the animation, it was going slow. but i definitively want to finish it before the year ends. i'm still in need of some music. if anyone could help me with that i would REEEEEEALLY appreciate it.

if you would like to help me out, then please send me a message and i'll give details.

besides that, lets hope i make it worth all the procrastinating and lagging -_-"

and here is a picture from the next animation, showing "rosa" in action . isn't she lovely? :D

still working on this....

Posted by guitan11 - October 24th, 2011

im in need of some music for my animation. i have gone to the audio portal, but i cant find the right music. im looking for some background music that will fit in some "dialog" scene. you know, like they are explaining something and some cool-intellectual music is playing in the background? like that :P
if you could help me out by pointing me in the direction where i can find something or if you would be willing to PRODUCE some audio then please let me know :D

its for my series "Stickman Can't Fight".


i can has music?