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guitan11's News

Posted by guitan11 - November 5th, 2012

so i made the halloween special a couple of weeks ago out of pure impulse. i really like how it came out, an the game slenderman captured my attention in a strange way. so if you haven't seen it you can go check it out on the ling right HERE but now i can focus on christmas! its one of my favorite holidays and i truly want to do a christmas special to commemorate the occasion. so expect to see the SCF Christmas special this December :D

also like me on facebook so you can see all the updates and stupid post i do :3 My Facebook page

here is an early picture of the chrismas episode coming out december :D

halloween is over, christmas is next! :D

Posted by guitan11 - October 16th, 2012

hey guys, i uploaded the halloween special of "Stickman Can't Fight" go check it out if you havent! just click right HURR and see it. im really proud of this one, it took me less than a month wile balancing work, school and volleyball ( i play a lot of volleyball) so go ahead and get your heart raising >:D

share it with friends and leave me a review saying whatever you liked or disliked. how it could be better, because everything can be better :D

Posted by guitan11 - October 9th, 2012

i know that many people might do the same thing, but i have a stickman as a protagonist for this story, so thats different i guess :P
i have been working on this on my spare time and got inspired obviously by the game. so look forward to it this month :D b

but dont look, or he gets you >:)

Halloween special

Posted by guitan11 - September 25th, 2012

i really like how stupid this dance is and how much of an impact it has had on the internetz. hahhaah i do it to, so im included among the stupid people doing it :P just added this to light thing up a bit XD

Posted by guitan11 - September 13th, 2012

so i want to make a very cool looking cartoon, its very heavy on visuals.............. but it lags on the main timeline. i only have what is shown on the picture and all the animation i have done so far is just "Black" opening his eyes and doing that expression. im not even 6 second into the animation and its already lagging. i actually see the frames per second indicator go down to even 2.8 FPS. what the heck is going on!? did i over saturate the file already!? i have only used 3 movie clips and this is what i get........... can anyone help with this issue? i post it here on the front page in hopes i get some experienced animator's help. the forums are flooded with "i have a story and i want an animator to do it for free" kind of posts >.>

can anyone help with the lag?

Posted by guitan11 - August 31st, 2012

part 2 of episode 6 is up for you enjoyment :D it has been a real challenge to finish this whole episode, from the ovious technical problems, to time management, to even taking my dog to the vet. every challenge made me a better animator and a better person, so im glad all of those things happened. i learned a lot about audio from making this. in previous episodes, audio was restricted to a song and punch effects. now i have voices, sound effects and music all in harmony. (or at least i think they are :P)

so go check it out by clicking this yellow text and hope you all enjoy it :D


Posted by guitan11 - August 21st, 2012

man there were some MAJOR setbacks on this project. im surprised i even managed to make the deadline (halfway, anyway) the next part should be up in a week or two. i just started school today, so thats the major reason why it will take a week or two. anyway. leave me you thoughts on the animation and how i can make the next one better :D

also like me on Facebook updates, live streams and funny videos up in dat page :P

Posted by guitan11 - August 18th, 2012

so i turns out that in my efforts to have the best animation I've done so far........ i have run out of virtual memory and cant export my movie. I've tried expanding it by watching tutorials on how to do it and it actually made my PC faster, but it wasn't enough to make flash export. so i will have to split the animation in two parts. so the animation will be pushed back to one week to the 27th of august. I'm starting school this Monday (hence why the original deadline) so i'll do my best to get this done

damn you virtual memory!!!

Posted by guitan11 - July 31st, 2012

so a couple of things, in the past post i revealed the deadline for the next episode of the "Stickman Can't Fight" series which is august 20, 2012. and i have been hard at work. but here are a couple of updates.

1) i got a livestream going on.

doing livestreams actually has helped me stay focused on animating. since you can see what im doing, it stops me from wasting time on facebook or youtube, or even newgrounds :P my account is on "justinTV" this is the link it also allows me to see what you guys think as i make it. and a big shout out to my buddy Essam Jastania who helped me set up the livestream and spend around 3 hours walking me through the process (im not really tech-sabi when it comes to software)

2) the animation process for "SCF6" is around 60% done.

the main visuals are almost done, but no audio or backgrounds have been added yet. last episode i bumped up the FPS to 22 and its been working for me, but now that i have had more practice with it, the visuals look smoother! yay smoother!

3) lastly the close ups are getting a face lift :D

on the last post i mentioned the new computer, since this bad girl (she is a girl, i named her "Glados") has a lot more power, i have actually redrawn some of the already added close ups in the next episode, so look forward to some sweet looking stickfigures :D

here is a picture showing Rood and his two friends "azzurro" and "Cheng-se"

a quick update on whats up :D

Posted by guitan11 - July 12th, 2012

The "Stickman Can't Fight" series is always produced more efficiently wile under pressure. so im giving my self a deadline since i have my new machine for my animation work. so here it is......


this new animation will close the 3 episode arc and continue the series back into its different style poking :D

so i think i have a deadline now :3