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guitan11's News

Posted by guitan11 - May 6th, 2013

so the new episode of SCF7 is out and was well received by people like you, so thanks! im still waiting in hope it gets to the front page.... but i guess that spongebob animation deserves it more >.>

if you havent seen the lates episode of the "Stickman Can't Fight" series, just click on this link HERE and enjoy. but whats next? "when is the next episode coming out!?" to be honest i have no idea, im hoping i get something done this summer, but honestly at the moment i have no idea when i will be done with the next episode.
i DO KNOW however that a nice little animation will be uploaded by the end of May. it seems that "Black" was challenged to an RHG battle. He didn't want to, but Rood persuaded him...... ANYWHO, hope you guys enjoy it and again thanks for the support and also thanks to by best friends that i have never seen in person "Adoxographist" and "deadlyfishes" for contributing to this episode and future ones :D

also! i post way more updates on what is going on on my facebook page, so go ahead and click that like button ;D its free!

Posted by guitan11 - April 29th, 2013

I have to say, i tried uploading this movie for about 3 hours, but something always got in the way. internet connection, server or something like that, wrong format.... yeah, it was rough. BUT! its finally here :D all you need to do is clickity-click right HERE and you'll be on your way to enjoy the movie.

thanks to my new team members for joining in and making this possible. "deadlyfishes" with the music and "adoxographist" with the voice talent for da' ladies.

leave me a comment, or a review telling me what you thought of it and again thanks for waiting and i hope it lives up to expectations :D



Posted by guitan11 - April 1st, 2013

hey guys, im here to give you one last update before the showing the final product that is "Stickman Can't FIgth 7". i have been working extensively on it this entire spring break and have come closer to finishing. i have a great announcement regarding everyone's favorite female stickfigure. the character of "Rosa' will be voiced by Adoxographist and the music will be provided by the talented Deadlyfishes

and now, the moment like 4 of you have been waiting for: SCF7 will be up BEFORE monday april 22, 2013

here is one last pic just to poke your interest ;D

SCF is ALMOST done! release date has been set

Posted by guitan11 - March 15th, 2013

i need a voice actress that can do a"strong mature woman" voice. i have samples of the previous voice actress, but you dont have to match the voice exactly as it was. its for my series "Stickman Can't Fight" here on newgrounds and youtube. it has a decent following, it has won a spot on the daily top 5 every episode and im looking for a girl that can help me keep the streak going :D
if you are interested send me a PM or an e-mail at Guitan_11@hotmail.com
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! as long as you can act and your audio quality is good, you could be the one! :D

also, if you know someone that might be up for it, send them my way :D

Posted by guitan11 - March 7th, 2013

so yeah, today is my birthday and i would like to thank God for giving me another year of life and i hope that i can use it to the fullest. also, thank you all who view my stuff, even though i do this as a hobby, getting feedback and complements really makes animating worth wile :D

now for the good stuff

SCF7 is about a good 35% done. School, work and other things have been making it hard to be able to spend the hours needed to make this thing, but please bear with it ( i want to get it finished too you know >.>) Also, im looking for someone to fill in the Role of Rosa's Voice. if you think you are a good fit or know someone who might be up for it, send me a PM here on newgrounds.

and lastly, the biggest inside-look i have shown here on newgrounds, this new episode will be the beginning of doing something that i kinda was doing a bit, but not entirely. i want to try different styles of animation and i will be incorporating them in each episode's theme. so i leave you with this image of Black hinting on what the theme for episode 7 will be about ;D

see you all later and like me on Facebook if you want more up-to-date updates on the series or whatever else im working on.

Its my Birthday! and some updates too :3

Posted by guitan11 - February 10th, 2013

with the storyboard, planing and even updates in software done; im ready to start animating. im really exited for this one and i hope that it is to your liking. i cant say when it will be finished because of school and work, so bear with me :3 and lastly be sure to like me on Facebook to get more updates and what not.

like always i leave you with an image of what is to come on the next episode. something crazy happens >:D

SCF7 has began production process

Posted by guitan11 - January 28th, 2013

so i started this new animation about 2 weeks ago and i could have honestly gotten it done sooner if it werent for real life preventing me. school, work, you know; outside things. and well, it was an experiment. my first time animating people and if you wanna check it out just click on This link here please do tell me how i can improve, it was not my best work but i really did it for the feedback.

some other cool things is this new beauty named "Swivel"! i was like "free? sure i'll try it" but that things is the best converter i have seen! makes your blood focus, if you catch mah drift. you should definetly get it and use it for your own projects. thanks newgrounds :D

lastly, SCF7 is almost out of the development stage. storyboard is almost done and i can guarantee that this one will be better than ALL of the previous episodes.

new animation and some updates :D

Posted by guitan11 - December 25th, 2012

so i made the deadline! i wanted to post this before Christmas eve and have succeeded in doing so :D i learned a lot from doing this project and enjoyed it for the most part. please go check it out and tell me what you think of it. also, if you like it, you should totally check out my other stuff here on newgrounds ;D

to check out the Christmas special animation just click Here and be sure to like me on facebook, subscribe and follow on twitter :3

thanks! and have a great Christmas everyone :D

Posted by guitan11 - December 18th, 2012

hey guys, its been a tough semester with classes that actually made me work my butt off. but im finally FREE! so now that school is out, i have time to relax and enjoy some chill time. wait..... no i dont! i have to finish this christmas special! so look for it sometime before December 25 (hopefully) also i made a twitter account. you can go and follow me by licking right HERE but only if you do the twitter thing, if not, thats cool brah.

hope you have a good one. and i will rub it in the face of everyone in facebook when we dont die this friday >:D


Posted by guitan11 - November 18th, 2012

so a couple of updates on the SCF series. the first one is the process of the Christmas Special, the story is for the most part written out, now is all about animating it. some really cool visuals and holiday cheer :D hopefully i figure out how to make this thing look good without overloading my PC.

the second thing is the coolest thing, i would like to welcome to the team Matthew Pablo, also know as "deadlyfishes" here on newgrounds. he is the super talented music composer who will be busting out the sweet harmonics for them holes on the sides of your head :D check out his stuff by clicking right HURR! the christmas special will be the first one to have his audio integrated :D

here is another sneak peek at what is to come :3

some really cool updates :3